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Nikki’s lifelong dream has always been of working with animals. She was finally able to make this a reality in 2016 when accepted into the Karen Pryor Academy for Dog Training and Behavior.  Once in school, she was able to work with her two rescue Huskies and help them both overcome anxiety issues to overstimulation and basic obedience. After graduating KPA as a Certified Training Partner, Nikki continued to expand her knowledge, she is a contributing member of Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Fear Free, and an evaluator for AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test.

Nikki with Emma and Koda

Even before her official schooling began she would assist in group training classes and volunteer her time to help animal rescues and sanctuaries. She realized that creating a happy, healthy home for every animal and person was truly important, each canine life mattered to her, and she would dedicate her life helping as many as she could. That is when she decided to open her business, Canine Matters.

Nikki has a strong passion to help dogs that suffer from anxiety, reactivity, aggression, and fear.  She believes that with positive reinforcement training, understanding, and patience all dogs can be successful and great members of the family. Nikki will take the time to understand your dog and what needs to happen, she will also take the time to listen to you, your concerns, and teach you how to help your dog along the way. Her techniques are purely positive, she does not believe in causing pain or discomfort in any type of training.

When Nikki isn’t busy with behavior cases in-home you can find her at Doggy Haven where she is the Training Manager. At Doggy Haven, Nikki conducts general group classes, puppy socialization, along with training staff members about dog body language and handling skills.  


Nikki lives in Mill Creek Washington with her husband and two dogs, Koda the Siberian Husky and Emma the Golden Retriever. On a sunny weekend day, Nikki and her husband can often be found hiking alongside their pups in the Cascades.

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