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Hi! I'm Nikki, a positive reinforcement dog trainer located in Snohomish, WA


About Canine Matters LLC

Canine Matters is positive reinforcement dog training and pet boutique based in Snohomish, WA. Owner and trainer Nichole (Nikki) TeSelle is a Certified Training Partner from Karen Pryor Academy for Dog Training and Behavior, is a contributing member of Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Fear Free, and an evaluator for AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test. Nikki has more than 6 years of experience working with dogs of all shapes and sizes and specializes in reactive and fearful dogs.

Nikki believes that all dog behaviors can be improved with consistent, positive interaction between you and your dog. Customized training plans are developed after an evaluation session with you and your dog, and then you decide the pace and schedule for implementation of that plan. Every dog has the ability to be a happy, healthy, and well-behaved dog – they just need the right tactics and training to improve interactions and/or behaviors.

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Services and Fees

Initial Consultation

Take the first step towards a happier, well-behaved dog!

Session options of 60 minutes and 90 minutes available.

During the consultation, we will discuss your goals, I will evaluate your dog, then we will get to training!

After the consultation I will send you a customized training plan.

In Home Options

50-75 minutes: $185.00

75-120 minutes: $250.00

Canine Matters Shop 

60 minutes: $125.00

30 & 60 Minute Follow-ups

After your initial consultation I am happy to come to your home and continue the coaching, but I also realize a lot of behavior issues are outside of the home.  I offer "A Walk in the Park" and "Walking around the Neighborhood" where we can work on those specific real life situations near your home, or near Canine Matters.

In-Home or Canine Matters

30 minutes: $65.00

60 minutes: $110.00

Neutral dog and/or person: additional $15.00

Day Training

Life gets busy, sometimes it is hard to find the time to work with your dog, let me help make the training more manageable with my day-training service. 

I come to you and work with your dog one-on-one.  

I will keep you updated on our training progress, then transfer the skills to you and your family.

In-Home or Canine Matters

30 minutes: $50.00

60 minutes: $100.00

Neutral dog and/or person: additional $15.00


"Nikki is truly a talented soul with a gift for working with people and animals. . . not only will your dog be better behaved, but your bond with be strengthened in the process; creating a win-win situation for both person and pet.


. . .because Nikki trains in a humane, reward based manner, her training methods coupled effectively with veterinary and veterinary behaviorist based behavior modification plans that setup the dog for success by more effectively addressing the entire pet and their overall wellbeing; both physical and emotional health."

-Mikkel Becker 

Lead Animal Trainer for Fear Free Pets,

CBCC-KA, CDBC, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA, CTC, Fear Free Cert, BA Comm, Co-author of From Fearful to Fear Free

"I met Nikki around the time we first began fostering. . . With her gentle and patient approach, the fosters thrived and went to their forever homes with basic commands nailed!


Our sessions continued, this time with our resident pups - one with some anxiety issues and another that was leash reactive. . . The positive approach she takes makes training fun and engaging for them, and they love the extra treats, of course! Every time she walks through our door for training, the pups couldn’t be happier to see her."

-Genny B

Canine Foster and Forever Client


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Phone or Text: 206-948-1791



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